This is from the Knitting Revolutionary. It is a sort of manifesto on a sidebar of her blog.

“Let the Revolution begin…
*You can be any age to join the knitting revolution. It’s not just grannies any more.
*To join, just grab the nearest pointy things, and tie them to the nearest string-like substance. Wave them enthusiastically in the air, yelling passionate cries such as “och aye the noo!”
*The revolution requires that you supply your own weapons. Er, needles.”

I find this very funny. I read this manifesto every time I go to her blog. What can I say? I’m easily amused. Fortunately for me. This characteristic has allowed me to enjoy the very early stages of making the Thanksgiving table runner.

The first task is to cut 18 little triangles. When one is making a “scrappy” (that is the technical term among quilters) thing like this, it is comme il faut to cut the triangles from 18 different fabrics. You don’t have to, of course, but it is part of the fun. It is also part of the fun to find all the fabrics in your scrap bag. Going out and buying 18 different pieces of cloth is possible, but not comme il faut.

There is a satisfaction, therefore, in finding the particular 2.5 square inches of the Hawaiian shirt print that, cut into a triangle, contain only Autumn tints. In melding the wedding quilt scraps with the Hallowe’en quilt scraps. In finding that miniscule bit left over from the kitchen curtains or the going-away-to-college quilt, that will just fit.

I am lacking one triangle. There is a shirt in my husband’s closet — not a new shirt, quite an old one, which he really never wears any more… It is in just the right colors. A flame sort of fall-leaf color and sage green, with a little blue. I carefully scrutinized it, hoping to find a hole which would make it unfit to wear any more, and therefore fair game for my scissors. If you live with a quilter, you would be surprised to know how often this happens. You think she is gazing at your manly chest, as it might be, and really she is speculating on whether that shirt is ready for the scrap bag or not, because she needs just one… more…. triangle…