I start the day with 30 minutes of Wii Fit . Sometimes I step on and off the balance board while watching TV, one of the options with the system. Usually I watch a DVD if I’m going to do this, but today I watched House, and I saw the tail end of a commercial which, if I understand it correctly, promised “luscious and defiant curls.”

Luscious and defiant? Even separately, that’s a weird description for hair. Together…. Well, it’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

I’m starting the day with a continuation of something I was working on yesterday. I was rewriting — optimizing — descriptions for 87 house plans. I’m interested in house plans, and I was enjoying it, but I couldn’t help noticing that the original copywriter had gotten a bit odd with the adjectives as the list went on. A thoughtful back porch? A family room showing intelligent design?

I think you just can’t write “convenient,” “spacious,” and “stylish” 87 times. You move on to “charming” and “welcoming,” of course, but after a while you sort of run out of the characteristics a utility room could realistically have.

I expect that the same thing happens with curls. You’ve done bouncy and shiny so many times you can’t face those words again, and even lustrous and manageable got old, the art department puts its foot down on even one more pass at sexy, so you just put down luscious and defiant. When someone questions it, you pitch a hissy fit and they back off. “Okay,” they say, “luscious and defiant.”

Or I could have mis-heard the description in the commercial.