Yesterday was a really satisfying work day.Apart from the usual barrage of emails from my really persistent client (several of the emails were insisting on a phone call, too, but I just had to refuse that), I got to sit down and get my work done. I started the day with a walk, and it’s lovely even as the leaves fall.

You can see from my Toggl pie chart that I did a lot of different interesting things. I had 8.25 hours of billable work, and only a couple of unbillable ones, and I got to rehearsal. The largest piece of the pie is me building a website with a template on a barter basis. Probably a mistake, but we’ve been considering whether we could do this ourselves effectively and avoid hiring a designer when a client’s budget is limited.

The answer is no. It’s going to take me just as long to build the site with the template as it would take a designer to build it, and it won’t be as good when it’s finished. It requires tech skill to do it, too, since you have to be able to use html and resize photos to the correct number of pixels and stuff like that. This is why people’s template-built sites often look disappointing.

The next largest one is the Kennedy Center. I was hoping to get some feedback before I turned in the last of my initial three assignments for them, so I’ve sort of been delaying. However, I’ve sent in two without hearing back, and I don’t want to seem slow, so I’ll probably finish that up today. The next largest slice is a press campaign. That guy has me on a retainer, so my time for him is up, but I’d sure like to do more. There’s always next week.

Then comes my own site — I updated my client list and wrote the blog, both unbillable — and then unbillable work for the llama farmer whose site just launched. I mostly don’t list unbillable stuff, but these two I want to keep track of. I don’t put teaching on Toggl, so it evens out. The last two little slices of pie are a quick fix to a writing assignment and another client on retainer. I also graded papers, did a little minor networking in the form of actually answering emails and tweets, and helped #1 son with his lit paper.

Overall, it was a nice relatively uninterrupted day doing exciting, creative work, with some music, movement, and conversation in it. I can’t claim that I ate right, and I didn’t get enough sleep, but I was pretty happy with it.