11 Last night’s show was fun. Perhaps the most unusual moment was when we were making candy.

We were in a conference room. “Since you don’t have a freezer–” I began.

They corrected me. They have a liquid nitrogen freezer that goes down to temperatures I associate with outer space.

We discussed the possibilities. Someone suggested that we would need a control. I agreed. “Then when I’m doing this recipe at someone’s house, I can tell them how it would work with liquid nitrogen.”

We did not end up using the special freezer. We just imagined that we had done so.

Afterwards, the hostess took me through the labyrinthine back passages of this impressive building. “We’ll take the 11servants’ entrance,” she said, but actually we passed radioactive rooms and operating rooms and  places you couldn’t enter without a password.

It was interesting.

She told me that she rarely sees any live chickens.

We served a chicken dish, and it didn’t seem to bother anyone.

TGIF, eh? I am working tomorrow, though. Still, I intend to put some beef stew in the crockpot before I head up to the store today, and take the evening off.