Baking did take place. I made a couple of loaves of banana nut bread, one of which will go into the freezer for this week’s frozen thing on the HGP. They were baked in my old loaf pans, not in stoneware, and got slightly burned at the ends. I have gotten lax about watching baked goods. I sliced them up, and discarded the ends, and no one would ever know if I hadn’t felt I had to announce it here. It’s the same compulsion that makes us point out the wonky zipper when people admire our handmade garments.

Basically, I just worked yesterday. I made up the hours I had missed by napping on Wednesday. I also, since 10 Thursday night is show night and I didn’t have a show scheduled, spent the evening catching up on paperwork.

You might think I couldn’t be behind on paperwork yet, since I’ve only been doing this for a month, but there is a gap between signing up and being eligible for a website, so I had all this paper from shows that had to be transferred into my database.I also had a new shipment of catalogs onto which I had to write my name and address and URL and all those things for which I ought to have a stamp made.

I am not good at repetition. I get bored very easily. Both my jobs involve a certain amount of repetitive work. I suppose all jobs do. But the truth is that I tend to procrastinate about those things.

So I tend to do things like changing all the alt tags on the store blog’s pictures, or checking all the links at our vendors, at the store where I am continually interrupted, rather than at home where I can be frenziedly tracking down the truth about Native American flutes instead.

10 And I tend to practice brownie recipes rather than doing paperwork.

We also got a start on our pumpkin carving.

Just a start. This one turned out really well. I drew the face, and #2 son did all the work. The rest of us sat around watching The Office and (in my case) writing my contact info a hundred times. We’ll have a lighted picture tomorrow, I confidently predict.

My husband brought home a fancy trophy saying “First Place Regional Qualifiers Summer 2007” and “APA,” with an 8 ball reposing on crossed — I don’t know, wheat sheaves or something. Very fancy, in any case.

He’s still asleep, and came in after I had gone to sleep, so I haven’t heard the details yet, but I guess he won his tournament. He left the trophy on top of the computer so I wouldn’t miss it.

#1 son got up at 4:30 to take #1 daughter to the airport. She is going to Pennsylvania for the weekend. I’m not sure how late I should wait before I begin worrying about #1 son’s not being home yet. Maybe another couple of hours. That’s long enough to bake something for breakfast, for sure.