I had a meeting with a computer person yesterday — excuse me, a technical design specialist. It was very fruitful, not least in the educational benefits for both of us. Each of us had “ah ha!” moments when the other gave us information we had needed but not had access to before.

She runs her business from a little building which she shares with a woman who does bookbinding. Sheets of paper at $18 apiece line the walls, and sample handbound books sit on the conference tables. The bookbinder had her baby with her. Next door is a little gallery with beautiful pottery, jewelry, and hand knitting. In the next block is a quirky little bookstore and the French bakery I’ve mentioned before. In between there are auto mechanics and a manufacturer and little houses.

This is how I like towns to be.

Anyway, I have some next steps for what I’m working on and so does she. The fabulous Arkenboy told me that SEO was “a dark art,” but not where to find the real estate on the web.

The design person and a graphic artist of my acquaintance are both doing estimates for what they would charge to do the formatting for the books. We will have to compare the costs of learning to do it ourselves, hiring it done, or leaving it undone.

She will also, I think, be able to do tech workshops for us this summer, a thing our customers have really been wanting. She has not previously been able to attract teachers to her classes, but I have the secret to that. I was really pleased when she said, “That’s what they meant by projects! I feel so stupid!” Not because I wanted her to feel stupid, but because I had been the one going, “You can write html in Word?! I had no idea!” up to that point, and it was nice to be able to reciprocate.

Yes, well, I realize that this has been neither meaningful nor interesting for most visitors. What can I say? That’s what I did yesterday.

Actually, I also made brownies for my optometrist. The Princess and I have often mused, when we were at work during the afternoon lull, on how nice it would be if someone brought warm brownies to the store for us, yet no one ever does. So I thought it would be nice if I took warm brownies to the excellent Dr. T, along with a catalog and order forms, on my way to the tech meeting. I worked on, but still did not finish, the last section of the first grade book, got a couple more links, and in the evening I prepared a mailing for my business.

I did make dinner for my family. But apart from a little cooking and baking, all I did yesterday was work. Today will be much the same, though I intend to be frivolous this evening and possibly finish up that skirt or get a few more inches knitted on Ivy.

I am not getting to the gym enough. I was there one day this week, and had a walk on another day, and am feeling fairly determined to get there this morning before I leave for the store, but whatever happened to 30 minutes every day no excuses?

I had more time when we were getting up at 4:00 a.m. I was exhausted, it is true, but I did have more time.