Nice rehearsal last night. I was bossy, though.

The choirlet is a little collective, with no director, and sometimes people let their attention stray or get wild inspirations or something — nothing wrong with that, but it can derail the rehearsal process. We were working on “Light of the Stable,” which is complex enough to be difficult for this group.

So I stood up and went through the whole piece, pencil in hand, determining with the help of the group who would sing which part and instructing everyone to write it down.

When people started suggesting that we rearrange it and change the words, I said, “Let’s learn it as written first, and then we can mess with it.” When I’d say, “Who’ll take the top note?” and no one would volunteer, I treated them as I do my classes when they don’t volunteer, and exhorted and/or volunteered them.

The Bostonian said I was scary.

After that, of course, I settled down and quit being bossy and scary. But sometimes somebody has to be a little bossy for the sake of the process, or at least for the sake of the product.

#2 son got a job as a gymnastics coach in the town where he’s going to school. This is exciting. His tuition is so high that we can’t really help him with pocket money, and he didn’t get a work study assignment, so he was pretty impoverished. Besides, he ought to work as a gymnastics coach.

Yesterday in desperation I offered #1 son a job. He fell to his knees in torment, so I guess that was a no. On the other hand, I’m finding it easy to hire tech guys at oDesk. We have at least one very good candidate for a little video work we need done (The Computer Guy said that of course he could do it, he could do anything, but it wasn’t something he did). We also have candidates sending letters like “Most excellent sir!! I will make you very happy!! Sir!!”

Allow me to suggest that you not write your cover letters like this. It’s kind of scary.