Scenes from a rehearsal:

Director: “How’s it going, tenors?”
The Oldest Tenor: “In order to preserve our dignity, we shoot accusatory glances at one another.”

Alto 1: “That is really high.”
Alto 2: “Yeah, but sopranos like that.”
Soprano: “What planet do you live on?”

Mezzo: “We came in early because the sopranos came in late.”
Alto 1: “I can’t even hear the sopranos.”
Soprano to director: “You need to bring us in a little better.”
Alto 2: “Has anyone blamed the organist yet?”

That was the church choir.

A while back, I went to a rehearsal of the Master Chorale, and enjoyed it. However, it meant rushing straight to rehearsal from work, and the difficulty of parking at the university, and my youngest objected to my being out so many nights, so I regretfully gave it up.

La Bella has just emailed me saying that the director has asked her how they could get me back and offered all kinds of assistance, and there are just three rehearsals left before the concert — so I am going to take it back up again.

My lack of skill with reading music will of course make this a challenge, but challenges are always fun, aren’t they?

Frankly, I was very surprised that the director had even noticed me. As I recall, my name is coming up on the cookie rota, so it may be that rather than my voice which has inspired this…

For those of us doing the HGP, this is “checkpoint week.” If a handmade gift is going badly, this is the time to cut line and move on to Plan B. Mine are going well, I think — here is a completed one — but I know that I must step it up with the knitting if I am to finish all the gifts I have planned.

I try not to apologize for my photos, because I find it irritating in others, but it does seem to me that the flash has washed away the cables, which are the whole point of this project. Apart, that is, from the wooly-cozy thing. I intend to wrap these up with plenty of homemade cookies and candy, books, and DVDs, so the recipients can cocoon in comfort.

Crazy Aunt Purl has invented the special means of posting about holiday gifts which allows no one to see the pictures or other information without a special decoder ring. This allows all knitters to post freely about their holiday gift knitting, even if the recipients might wander by the blog, because they will not be able to see thier own gifts.