In addition to the catalogs coming to my door (and may I say that copywriters at the Vermont Country Store, who have always been able to make underwear sound as utilitarian as frying pans, have now achieved the feat of making vibrators sound like a special medical thing for elderly people, like nose hair clippers? I admire their skill), I also got a list of cool gifts from #1 daughter. She did the research for a magazine gift guide I wrote, and found a stunning collection of goodies:

  • Logitech Revue brings you Google TV, which lets you watch both broadcast and internet TV, and even to search for “cooking show” or “Sean Connery” or whatever, and have any available program pop up for you.
  • Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter is a remote control flying thing with cameras which you can control from your phone.
  • The Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen remembers not only what you write or draw with it, but also anything that’s said while you’re writing or drawing. So you can tap on its special paper and hear the discussion about your drawing, the meeting or class where you took the notes, or the remarks you made on the phone while doodling. You can also upload the whole thing into your computer and send it to someone.
  • Fascinations Levitron Omega is a levitating top. I don’t think I need to tell  you what’s great about that.
  • Xbox 360 Kinect is a motion game like Wii, but with no controllers, so you can freely dance or kick balls or whatever, and see your avatar moving just like you on the screen. This may cause your kids to think that the real world is superfluous, but it looks like fun.

Apart from costly electronic toys, I’m making things. The thing I’m working on most right now is #2 son’s sweater, and I’m going to make #1 son a hat, but the thing I’ve been thinking about knitting is the cowl.

I’m working on a Habitat for Humanity house tomorrow, so I might clean my kitchen and do my grocery shopping tonight. Not a very festive way to spend an evening, but I have today set aside for writing up my Top Secret website (no, no website can be top secret, really, I’m just squeezing all the thrill I can out of it) so I may have had enough excitement by the end of the day to relish the routine.