Craftymommavt has been posting some really beautiful pictures of her local scenery.

Yesterday was a fairly perfect workday for me, as long as I count lugging a dozen books from the parking lot to the third floor and back as exercise. No? How about standing for an hour and a half while teaching? Oh, well. I got another six hours for the week and an hour a week longterm, taught my class, had interesting questions from three of my clients and a slight crisis with another of them, and stopped working for meals.

In class, we discussed the assignment due on Tuesday, which is a review of the literature. I was doing my best to help them all come up with sources, and to understand what constitutes a reliable source. One of the students plans to write about hangover remedies. He mentioned his “normals.” I did tell him that I thought it was alarming that he had “normal” hangover remedies, but it seemed like a good opportunity to discuss how experimental research could be used as a source in a paper. We talked about why just asking a lot of people about their thoughts on hangovers wouldn’t do it. I talked with them about controlling variables, and they looked at me with the expression our dogs get when you talk to them: “I don’t understand anything you say, but see? I’m looking at you!” Eventually, they came up with the idea of conducting a controlled experiment with nondrinkers (to avoid the issue of tolerance) and identical quantities of rotgut whiskey in a classroom slumber party on Monday night, keeping careful records, and then administering an assortment of hangover remedies during class on Tuesday and measuring the results.

“You’d get fired,” one girl observed. I hope they got the concept of controlled studies.

Then it was Amazon Vine leftover day. #2 son reminded me just in time and we were there before everything was snapped up. There were about six different printers, and all of them were already gone, so I was a bit sad about that. #2 son saw that the game “Apples to Apples” was available, but I had already clicked on software for making movies, and when I got back to the page to request the game, it was gone. #2 was deeply disappointed. I’ll have to buy that for him for Christmas. I thought he’d be excited about the movie-making software, but no such luck. It completes my Corel collection, though.

In the evening, CD came over. The choirlet rehearses on Thursday evening, but they changed venues last night and neither of us knew where they were, so we just played through a song for me to sing on Sunday morning in case it was needed (a ’60’s girl-group type of song about Jesus, and that would surely be a new singing experience for me), and then had a cup of tea.

One of the Suwandas called me later that night from the rehearsal, so I guess it wasn’t that they were intentionally excluding us.

In fact, it was more that I had emailed people saying, “I know we won’t be at our usual place, but where will we be rehearsing?” and hadn’t gotten answers. I had seen some of these people in the flesh during the week and failed to ask them, and I have Suwanda’s phone number, so I could have called, but I didn’t. CD and I didn’t even call anyone while we were standing there wondering why no one had told us where the rehearsal was. So it is possible that I just wanted to stay home.

Today I have four hours of blogging, plus my usual blogging, preparation for Monday’s interview, an interview with Theressa Hoover, and a visit with Client #3 regarding her crisis. The Computer Guy and I have both spent much of the past two weekends on her website without extra compensation, so I am sort of hoping that this will be an easy little crisis to solve.