A week ago I was traveling back from Rome, and I haven’t yet finished writing about the trip. I’ve hardly started.

A week ago precisely  I was in an airport, or possibly on a plane, because I find the time zones confusing. Air Italia is different from other airlines, I can tell you.

Things begin normally. There’s an announcement saying to sit down and put on your seat belt and the captain has put the no smoking sign on. All the American passengers do so.

Then an announcement is made in Italian. You would think that it would be the same announcement, but apparently it says, “Italian passengers, get out of your seats and have a party!”

The Italian passengers roamed around the plane, eating and drinking and laughing and sharing photos. They hung out in the flight attendants’ area and congregated near the lavatory swapping recipes. No one actually did laundry, but it was a near thing.

We stayed in a four star hotel, and it was lovely. Comfortable, clean, and elegant, with really complicated plumbing. I’d like to arrange to have my bed at home made up with fresh crisp sheets every time I leave the room for the day.

We had a buffet every morning for breakfast with whole wheat croissants, pastries, scrambled eggs, many different kinds of fruit from honeydew melon to prunes, yogurt, meat and cheese, coffee, tea, juices… I’ve probably forgotten some of the stuff. I know there were hot dogs. That struck us as weird.

Lunch and dinner were five course meals, usually, though one day we had sandwiches in a sidewalk cafe. We ordered “panini assortimente” or something like that. I know it was called “assorted sandwiches.” Sure enough, the waiter just brought out a bunch of different sandwiches and let us all pick one. We actually sat there politely waiting while he brought one after another, trying to figure out which was for which one of us.

We didn’t fully grasp the system.

Google gave us a lot of cool stuff in addition to the whole travel and room and board part. My favorite  thing is the Marmot backpack with our website’s URL embroidered on it. How cool is that?

We’re actually using our pictures of Rome at that website as well as at our various blogs.

I had a great time, but I didn’t want to stay and live there. Usually when I enjoy visiting a place, I start thinking about living there. Rome didn’t have that effect on me.

We were up for 25 hours straight on the way home, and it took a day or two to catch up on sleep. I had lots of work to do this week, which I like, and this weekend I plan to clean the house and stuff.

Then I’ll have completely returned.