halloweenpic I’m going back down today to meet the people  in the basement. This has of course been the main thing on my mind since I discovered about 22 hours ago that I would be going.

During that time, I have taught a class, had a communication from someone who saw my website and wants to discuss a complete redesign of his, had #2 daughter arrive for a visit, sent reports to a couple of clients, and joined in a rehearsal. I am tryng to keep my mind on those things. I also have oDesk work to finish up before I leave.

#2 daughter’s jobhunt is being fun and successful so far. She’s sleeping on the sofa, so I’m trying to type quietly, but once I switch the oDesk (where they track the number of keystrokes) I will have to give that up.

I’m looking forward to meeting my potential colleagues, of course, and hoping for an opportunity to persuade the v-c that I don’t need to move to his town, but mainly it’s all about freeways. #2 daughter is reluctantly joining me. I’ll let you know how it goes.