Yesterday had a number of high points: a dawn walk shared by phone with #2 daughter, site testing with the bookkeeper, lunch with Janalisa, work on my cool new projects, and then the arrival of #1 daughter followed by pizza and TV and knitting with her and #1 son.

In there someplace was a spell with the tornado sirens. Later, #1 daughter and I attempted to fill out the financial projections spreadsheet my SCORE mentor sent me. We have an appointment with the local SCORE guy today. At a number of points — when the local guy was explaining to me why getting help in my business was fraught with pitfalls, when the bookkeeper was trying to help me figure out how to deal with both a business and a personal checking account, when we came to the sheet that involved taxes and Social Security, when we tried to forecast future sales — I thought that being freelance is way better than owning a business.

There’s also a bit of angst with clients. However, none of my clients takes off his or her clothes during meetings and throws them out the window. Nor do any of them stab themselves and leave me to clean up the blood. As you can see, CD’s stories about her difficult clients have given me a tough act to follow in the matter of difficult clients.

I did make some progress on my knitting, actually. We were watching The Big Bang Theory, which #1 daughter had never seen before. We get our TV via the computer and/or Netflix, which allows us to watch years of the stuff on successive evenings or even at lunchtime (#1 son introduced me to this dangerous indulgence).

I’d better get ready.