We went to hear pianist Jura Margulis last night. Amazing! There was a daring passage in the Beethoven when he found himself in a trio with two cell phones, but otherwise it was a wonderful concert.

He played a couple of pieces from Wagner’s operas: “Isolde’s Liebestod” and “Siegfried’s Funeral March.” People make fun of Wagner — #2 son says “Don’t go all Wagner on me” — but there is hardly anything more lush and emotional. And for a pianist, Wagner is just the thing when you want to show off. The piano had to lie down and fan itself afterwards. He also played “Danse Macabre.” #2 son pointed out the resemblance, in parts, to “Carol of the Bells,” which I had never noticed before.

The mayor gave “a few remarks” in which he said that the arts are the heart of our town, which I believe is true. Football, of course, is also close to the heart– maybe the stomach.