I got in from the choirlet rehearsal last night (at nearly 10:00) to find that a website I’d drafted that day needed to be redone entirely.

They wanted it done in a way that is … hmm… how to say this… not the way we do SEO nowadays. Naturally, I hadn’t realized that. It’s sort of like “Didn’t I tell you I wanted this done badly?!”

So I didn’t get to bed until nearly midnight and now I’m up early to get my husband off to work and get the remaining papers graded for my 8:00 class.

I got quite a bit of fun work done yesterday. I also had the bookkeeper in. She was being kind but mystified about a lack of invoices. I don’t invoice people if they pay me before my invoicing date, I explained. We have contracts or verbal agreements, after all, and they know they’re supposed to pay me. And of course the designers I pay don’t invoice me. I just pay them.

She also didn’t quite get what was going on with the business bank account. I have one, but we only use it for group projects of The Firm, of which there has only been one so far. When I’m paid by the hour for my work time, I put that into my personal account. And since there’s not much money in the work bank account, I pay the costs of the business from my personal account. I assured her that I was working my way up to doing it right.

As I say, she’s kind.

I don’t actually know what she’s doing. She has spent a lot of hours on it, whatever it is.

I carpooled to the choirlet rehearsal with Elkhart, who is job hunting. She wants to teach, but has had no luck getting a teaching job. We were wondering whether there could be age discrimination involved, or a desire to avoid paying as much as they’d have to pay her for her level of experience.

She said she wished they’d just tell her so, so she could quit wasting her time. I pointed out the pesky laws that keep them from doing so. She has been subbing for a couple of years. Subs, when you count prep time, make less than $10 an hour. The only reason to do it is in hopes of impressing the school enough to get hired.

I suggested that she think about doing something other than teaching. She mentioned her lack of computer skills. They say this is a big problem for older workers. I suggested, since I was already meddling, that she get some computer skills. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill, really. She’s smart; she could learn enough to do well in her interviews and pick up the rest on the job.

The conversation reminded me how lucky I am. Good thing I had it before the rewrite.

Here’s X-Entertainment’s Halloween Countdown, because otherwise you’re not going to know about Dots Halloween mix.