See the circle of cable sticking out because there isn’t enough knitting to make it all the way around the needle? Now, this may make you think of the “Magic Loop” technique, but chez Fibermom, it is called “too lazy to switch to dpns.”

I am wondering whether it could also be called “Your hat is going to be too small.” I have googled around in search of someone else who has made this hat, but have not found many. One said it was more like a cabled baseball cap than a newsboy cap, and that is not at all the effect I want.

Now, you can find any number of pictures and descriptions of Rogue, Clapotis, Birch, or Kiri. Why not Headline News? This is a pattern from SnB Nation, for heaven’s sake. I thought all hip knitters were required to make all the patterns from that series.

You know what would be handy? If a website could be set up for each knitting book, with a gallery of annotated pictures.

Somebody go do that, okay?

In the class on Methodism we learned the  Methodist slogan: “In essentials firmness, in all else liberty.” The Presbyterian one is “God is sovereign.” That and “Let all things be done decently and in order” about covers the Presbyterian approach; liberty isn’t on the map.

Do all denominations have slogans? I don’t know. A good slogan can be handy. That Man and I once came up with the idea of establishing state slogans as greetings. Each of us could greet others with our state’s motto. Since I grew up in California, I could greet people with “Eureka!” which is a nice chipper greeting. But I was born in Florida, which uses, “In God we trust.” Nothing objectionable to me in that, but it does remind you of money, doesn’t it?

“The people rule!” is not bad, but “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness” could be a bit much first thing in the morning. “Thus always to tyrants” or “Live free and die” sound a bit combative, and “I direct” sounds mad. New York has a good one, though: “Excelsior!” That’s as good as “Eureka.”