I’ve hardly been writing here at all. There are a lot of factors contributing to that: I’m really busy, there’s someone sleeping in the room with the computer, so I can’t come write first thing in the morning, I’m no longer convinced that I’m completely anonymous here…

But I think the main thing is that when you skip a few times, you begin to find it easy to skip.

This is true for most things, I guess. If you do it every day — brushing your teeth, reading or watching the news, checking your online bank account, whatever it might be — then you always do it. You don’t forget to brush your teeth, right? You don’t stop and consider whether or not to make coffee on a particular morning.

Once you skip something a few times, though, it becomes a decision. Should you go to church or sleep in? Should you make your bed today? No appointments today — do you really need to shave or do your hair?

I’ve got #2 daughter visiting this weekend. Partygirl has invited us over for mimosas. Today, #1 daughter and I went to the downtown square of the town where I teach on Fridays. We had never been there, though I’ve lived here all these years. We went into the little shops and the Visitor’s Center and stuff. We stopped at a tiny Italian restaurant where we had a delicious but unexpectedly pricey meal. We did the grocery shopping and got back in time for me to spend just an hour or two at the computer. So I guess I started the weekend early.