Yarn, Ho! Elann is officially faster than Knitpicks. Knitpicks offers free shipping, though, so I figure they end up square.

Here is some more of the nice Peruvian Highland Wool, as well as the ball of ecru Den-M-Nit.

I can now get back to work on Brooklyn. I am also still reading Dawkins and the Creationists, alternately, with a novel for light relief.

The Creationist materials list a whole slew of identifiable and nameable positions on the creation/evolution question, and suggest that most of these positions are a matter of making up your own religion.

This is, I believe, a common creationist accusation — that evolution, or rather the the study of evolution, is itself a religion. Dawkins is one of the few evolutionary biologists who really sounds evangelical. We are now free from susperstition! he crows. Everyone else in the world is completely wrong! At one point in The Selfish Gene he gleefully says that we can now answer “the child’s question: Why is man?” The mind boggles a bit at the idea of a child asking that, doesn’t it? Now imagine answering that questioning tyke, “We are all carriers of genetic information into the future, sweetie.” Further boggling takes place.

Not that people don’t make up their own religions. Ozarque recently had a discussion about religion which seemed to me to be largely a sharing of religious beliefs the people had made up.

The great advantage to making up your religion must be that you get to choose all the elements. You get to pick what things are right and wrong (to the extent that God, DNA, or the promptings of your physical processes allow you freedom on this), so you can excuse the sins that appeal to you and condemn the ones that you don’t want to do anyway. You wouldn’t have doubts. You would not have to exercise faith to accept or at least struggle with things that are hard for you to believe. You could choose the most charming rituals and holidays from all the old religions, and make up new ones of your own if you felt like it.

This is not at all like my own religious experience.

I do however plan a session soon of picking and choosing among the yarns. The Knitpicks order should arrive soon, as well. I just counted up the number of projects I had planned for the holidays, calculated the number of yards of wool I would need, and picked out colors to equal that total. So I now actually have a stash to choose from when I want to start a project. True, all the projects are already planned, but I can survey my stash and decide which colors to use.

Yeah, well, it is a small thrill.