A highly reliable indicator of the change of seasons: the cat came into bed with us last night. I use the word “cat” loosely, since this cat, upon climbing into a bed, turns into a kraken. She has at least six arms and spreads out to about four feet square, pushing away anything in her path.

Possibly because of this, I had a horrible nightmare. I was with a group of women and children, escaping some unspecified but dangerous situation, when two of them pulled out carving knives and slit our throats. Horrible, huh? It’s hard to go back to sleep after that. Even though you know it’s just a dream, it’s not exactly inviting.

And so I was still awake when the rain began. I like listening to rain at night. I’d rather have had more sleep, but the rain was very pleasant.

The weather guy last night said that a cold front was “getting organized.” It sounds as though it’s getting out Post-it notes and packing all its charger cables, but I’m ready for it.






2 responses to “Nightmare”

  1. CharlotteColors Avatar

    We are expecting a weather reorganization here too. Probably 30 degree difference tomorrow from the expected ninety today. Diversity, variety–not boring.

  2. fibermom Avatar

    @CharlotteColors – 

    Variety is worth a lot.