Wednesday I had a meeting with The Computer Guy and clients, plied the Dark Art on behalf of a few clients, 9 headed out for rehearsals, and then came home to grade papers. Yesterday I taught my class, had a client meeting, joined the vulturine hovering at Amazon Vine, and churned out blog posts for my various clients. Today I have an oDesk assignment, then lunch with Egypt and a drink in Partygirl’s rose garden. I really love the variety.

Here’s what I’m not thrilled about: my lovely website is on page two at Google. Now, it’s only been live for a week, and I’ve only had time to do the least little bit of SEO for myself, and I always tell clients it takes two weeks to see the effects of my work, so you may be wondering what I’m being all fussy about.

It’s the fact that that site was #1 at Google for about a month while it was under construction, and then sank as soon as it went live. It’s the fact that places like my clients and Amazon are above me. It’s the fact that it made it up to the top of page two and sank back below the fold again. It’s the fact that it’s my name I’m looking at. Presumably no one is competing with me for this. I should just get the top spot just on principle.

There is an actress with the same name as me. I would understand if she had someone plying the Dark Art for her and we were competing for that top spot. But Amazon? It’s not like I’m for sale over there. What do they want with my spot? It does them no good. And my client? My name isn’t even on the site. It’s on the anchor text that links to her site from the blog I write for a national professional organization she belongs to. I have the domain name, for crying out loud!

Okay. Tantrum ended. 9

I had a kitchen show scheduled last night, and it was canceled. I had already said I wouldn’t be going to rehearsal, and the pianist was going to be late, so it was also canceled. I therefore got an evening at home.

Perhaps I should have cleaned house. However, there were so many competing priorities that I picked some other things instead.

For example, I wound yarn. I dislike winding from skeins to balls, because it takes a long time and the yarn is inclined to tangle. It’s easiest if you can get someone to hold the yarn for you while you wind — then they can cooperate with you and it scarcely ever tangles. However, a chair will also work nearly as well. This is going to become Christmas present scarves. According to the HGP, I should have been spending an hour a day making Christmas gifts all this week. I also should have thoroughly cleaned my bedroom. Neither of these things took place.

In the picture of the yarn, you can almost see the laundry baskets. I did laundry, and folded it, too. Then the cat jumped into the empty 9 basket, preventing me from putting it away.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I also made some soap, which you can see above. We had run out. Just shows that I’m not doing a good job of housekeeping. I just made a couple of bars to last us till I have time to devote to it.

I’ve just gotten a reminder from Blessing about invoices, too. Clearly, there are things I need to work on. The Computer Guy also recently told me that if my accountant hadn’t already spoken to me about the advantages of incorporating, I should ask her about it. He then threw around some words and acronyms which I can’t even remember. I think there were Ss and Ls in them.

Yes, I have things to work on. On the other hand, I also get to schedule workdays with ladies’ lunch and a drink in a rose garden, and I sure didn’t do that last year.