Yes, of course I frogged the sweater. I have rebellious moments of thinking that I won’t, but of course I do.

So I am starting over with Blossom Heather Adiri, and I hope to have it reestablished before I head out on vacation.

Yes, I’m going on vacation. My husband and I are going to take the Greyhound bus to visit our sons. Instead of driving in our old cars, we’re going to spend about what we would have spent on gas and travel by bus. We’ll sleep, they’ll drive, and I should be completely comfortable with my Kindle and knitting. Bus seats are more comfortable than cars, I think, and there is probably a restroom on the bus, and they never get lost. Also, we’re driving across Kansas, so there is little reason to stop an explore, plus my husband will never agree to do so without the kids in the car to back me up.

I bought and printed out the tickets and it is two weeks till we leave, so that is plenty of time to get my workload reduced and my bags packed and my knitting reestablished.

Between now and then I have a conference, #2 daughter staying (must get the sewing room ready for her), and a bunch of stuff to do for church. And work, of course. I’m going to get all that stuff organized today, since I woke up at 4:00 a.m. in horror at all I had to do.

It struck me that this doesn’t happen very often any more. And I usually take most of the weekend off. And I am actually taking a vacation. So I am making changes and rectifying errors. Including Adiri.