Here’s the cafe I walked to every morning. I’d get up around 5:30, wash and dress, and stroll the 1.5 miles to the cafe. I’d sit in the courtyard working, thanks to their wifi, till they opened. Then I’d have a cup of tea and a waffle dusted with cinnamon. The kids would join me a couple of hours later and we’d go be tourists for the rest of the day.

The architecture was different here from other places I’ve seen. We saw pioneer cabins, Victorian mansions, Craftsman bungalows, and modern ranch houses.

This pub — The Blind Pig —  was the cutest we saw, I think, but we didn’t go there.

We had to get #2 son a ram, the mascot of his new college. This shop had a cool skylight rose window sort of thing and every single team mascot thing you could imagine.#2 son ended up with a lanyard.


We did some other shopping, too. I’m not usually much of a shopper, but I enjoy tourist shopping. Little buying takes place, but we smell things and look at stuff and have fun. I bought some special spices and some gear for #2 son’s apartment, and the kids picked up some little things.


Old Town had a lot of public art. I really enjoyed that — not just looking at the sculptures and such, but also what the art said about the town.

It was fun. It was good to have a vacation and to spend time with my kids.