My husband's nephew, a man a decade or so older than we are, is nearing the end of his life.

Many members of the family joined in Ft. Worth to honor him, and we went down, too.

It was a dismal winter drive.

The Baby was a trooper. She cried very little and only for good reasons.

#1 Daughter, The Baby, and I stayed in a hotel. We did some work there, and otherwise hung out with the family, talking with those who spoke English.

Sometimes we felt as though we were creating effort for the family. They had to babysit us, #1 Daughter said, finding people to speak English to us. My husband spoke to us in Lao most of the time, and didn't translate for us. That was fine; this was not about us.

But I did make some low key efforts to see the sights. At least the ones we happened to pass by. I should probably have made more of an effort. Ft. Worth has some museums well worth visiting, and probably some top flight restaurants. They even have a couple of yarn shops. We didn't manage any of these these.

It was good family time, even if it was for a sad reason. I'm very glad my husband had the chance to get a couple of solid days with his brother and the myriad cousins.

Also that the girls got to meet some of their many cousins and to see their great-uncle again.

We got a little big city experience.

But Ft. Worth never lets you forget the cowboy heritage.