Spoonflower fabric is special, high quality, and expensive. I orderd five blouse lengths of gray and pink prints for a FTP —

That doesn’t stand for File Transfer Protocol.

Last year, I did a STP — Summer Top Project — in which I sewed 10 blouses for the price of one ready-made.

So this year I think I could do a FTP — Fall Top Project. Using Spoonflower fabrics will of course make it quite a bit more expensive.

I can still use the same method, though: choose TNT (Tried’n’ True) patterns and make sure they’re easy enough to guarantee success. If I cut a few at once, I can sew up the major seams all at once in the evenings and then do the handwork while watching Netflix movies.

So I went ahead and cut two blouses, not without trepidation. I’m saving all the costly scraps for some as yet undetermined purpose.