Full boxes are, depending how you use your planner, either the meat and potatoes of the planner or the special decorations. Full boxes are stickers designed to fill the entire box in your planner, though they come in different sizes and so may or may not actually fill the box space… or overfill it.

No matter. They are still called full boxes. In the photo above you can see the classic full boxes, small works of art which I like to put all across the center of the page. They typically come in a sheet of eight, giving you one for each day plus one for the top left corner, as shown. That top box may be a special decorative one, an inspiring quote, or an ordinary full box which you use as the background for a quote or a decorative sticker.

You can also see the checklist full boxes, which I put across the top for my to-do section. This, too, is the standard use of this type of full box. Then there are specialized full boxes. In the picture above, I am using health and fitness boxes from Sevin Designs. They include hydration, steps and workouts, and meal planning space. Each has a half box above it, so I can add the other habits I track.

The image above shows pre-printed stickers. The one below shows printable stickers.


Here you can see the full boxes topped with checkboxes again, and some full box stickers stacked up in the sidebar to track things for the week.

Many planner girls use the basic full boxes for decoration. I use them for appointments, events, and projects, and if there are any little bits left over at the end of the week, they are still decorative.

A tip I heard from a YouTube planner girl: when you have a full box with a great quote or image that you’ll be using during the week (as opposed to in the top corner), put it on a day when you don’t have a lot of things scheduled — you’ll increase the chances of letting it show even after the week is done.