Further Laziness


See the error above? I have pulled it out and reknitted it. I have some work to do today, since my workcation lasted just 4.5 hours yesterday. I also need to get packed up and ready for my train ride tomorrow.

#1 daughter and the Baby and I are going to a new (to me) tea room today, and then having a crafting evening at her place. I’m staying there overnight and she’s giving me a ride to the train station early in the morning.

In the meantime, I am continuing the Baby’s strawberry cardi. I hope to finish it up today, actually. With Hulu to amuse me as I knit.

I like caper stories — spies, con artists, elaborate plots. I like them in books, and also in movies and TV. White Collar, The Catch, Burn Notice, Psych… But one thing doesn’t make sense to me. These guys develop false identities with flashy accessories and flamboyant details. Over and over. In the same town.

Why don’t people recognize them?

Agatha Christie had characters like this sometimes, but invariably they had very ordinary faces and they played low key, unobtrusive people. Vicars, parlor maids, grocers, drivers.

Not ambassadors, famous restaurant critics, high fashion models, and minor Arab princes.

I can hardly leave my house without running into someone I know. An obstacle to sight seeing in my own town. And surely it would be an obstacle to showing up in the same town in dozens of different guises.

So… packing. I’ve got my London Fog satchel packed up as an overnight bag. But what bag should I carry on the train?

I bought a Baggallini recently. I’ve wanted one for years. I don’t know quite why. I got an amazing deal on one which I thought would be gray — the one handbag color I didn’t already own — but I think it’s really black.

Baggallini bags are compact and built on pockets. They’re perfect for travel.

This one has perfectly-sized pockets for billfold, phone, Kindle, passport, keys, and such. There are slots for cards and cash if I want to skip the billfold, and pen slots and room for a lipstick.

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There’s definitely not enough room for knitting.

If I’m going to be on a train for five hours (and I am), then I definitely do not want to be without my knitting.

I’ll also be walking around for three hours, so I don’t want to be carrying my knitting bag. A backpack would make me conspicuous. An ordinary purse is obviously the solution, and the knitting I carry will have to be something little. The bag must be something I will be unlikely to leave behind absentmindedly: something comfortable to wear cross-body. Sounds like my Fossil bag.

Prepared for the train trip, I joined #1 daughter and the Baby for afternoon tea.

I had lavender and honey and pink champagne macarons with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea which was way too heavy on the flavorings.

However, it was brewedin something very like an alchemist’s retort, so they got points for style.

We went back to # daughter’s place and made barefoot sandals for the Baby.

This is a fun idea from Pinterest.

It’s essentially a figure 8 of elastic stitched in two places and embellished with a flower.

Will they stay on the Baby’s feet any better than booties do? Time will tell. They’re not sturdy, but they’re also quite temporary. I sewed some pretty little shoes for the baby at Easter and she wore them just once before outgrowing them. Same for the various socks and booties I’ve made. This could be a practical choice for an infant in the summertime.