I sorted out the drawers.

Utensils in one place and flatware in another. The actual silverware is back in its wooden case.

Another set of containers arrived today and I filed popcorn neatly in one. Another holds the accessories for my personal smoothie blender. This cupboard is for snacks, essentially — things neither cooked nor baked but merely eaten — yet some of these things are also used for baking so they get to stay on the left of the stove.

The cooking ingredients left this cupboard and went back to the pantry.

Baking pans in the lower cupboard.

Sauces in the Lazy Susan cupboard near the floor on the cooking side, along with rice and similar items in the bins beneath.

I redid the dish cupboards, too, though I am not sure they are perfect.

Fiesta Ware right above the dishwasher.

Pampered Chef serving pieces to the right. But the glassware and mugs? Maybe we have too much.

I sorted out the plastics cupboard and tossed out a lot of things.