Here’s our one tomato. We planted several plants and had lots of flowers, but it was too hot for fruit to set. The few tomatoes that started were eaten by birds before they could ripen. All we have to show this year is one big tomato, hidden deeply enough in the foliage that it hasn’t yet been eaten by any visitors.

It’s a race, at this point. Can we leave it out there to get ripe without losing it?

We’ve also lost most of our roses. Falstaff remains, but the others have died: New Dawn, Montezuma, Joseph’s Coat.

We’re harvesting some squash and peppers and cucumbers, as well as herbs. Generally, though, our garden is in a bad way.

I went out yesterday to the grocery and bought lots f lovely produce. Local peaches, baby spinach, arugula, berries, bananas, melons.

We’re not supposed to have to buy produce in the summertime, except perhaps some things at the farmers market.

I worked over the weekend and did a little housework, but I also read. Our Husband and Deader Home and Gardens, to be precise, a pair of witty murder mysteries. While reading, I knitted. I enjoy spending time this way on weekends, especially weekends when I have to work. However, I also read about the health dangers of sitting. Even people who exercise fae serious health consequences from sitting for long periods of time.

The initial research on this came out of Stanford and I wrote about it last year, and continued to sit at my desk working for 10 or 12 hours a day and then relax by sitting and reading.

My morning routine includes exercise (I’m doing pretty well with that) and my evening routine includes walking the dog (not so frequent, and I’m blaming it on the weather), but my weekend routine clearly should also involve more activity and less lolling around. Hiking, working in the garden, athletic scrubbing, day trips with sightseeing — I could enjoy all these things, I think.

Would more work in the garden have staved off the failure of this year’s tomatoes and the deaths of the roses? Probably not. I think we’re looking at climate change here.