I had intended to spend the day alone, quilting, but in fact #1 daughter and I made our annual foray to the nursery, rather late.


I brought home a nice collection of double impatiens, fuschias, torenias, and nosy neighbor (Hypoestes phyllostachya) for my porch boxes.


I also branched out with foxglove, speedwell, heliotrope, flirty little striped geraniums, alstroemeria, lantana, and Black-eyed Susan vine, which my husband helped me plant.

When he helps me plant, he asks me where I want the plant to go, and I answer with my idea, which is always based on aesthetics and mostly involves triangular groupings carefully planned by color.

He then plants the things where he thinks the conditions are best, preferably in straight rows.


We have a proper wild woodland carpet of Creeping Jenny, wild strawberries, and violets.


Then daylilies which aren’t blooming yet, caladiums which aren’t up yet, and the purple flowers which I had envisioned in a tidy grouping together where the heliotrope is, but drainage conditions weren’t right.


Then there are nice little stands of columbines and lamastrium at the driveway end of the walkway.

We’re a bit late this year, as I said, but it should fill in over the next couple of weeks.