I did get around to cleaning my living room, though I forgot to post an After picture.

Things have been going very well at work. Our team is great — we’ve added several new people, and it’s going very well. I’m still very busy, but I can tell it’s a good team and we’re feeling very optimistic.

#1 son was over today picking up his new glasses. “Have you noticed,” he said, “that in the old days people used to be a mathematician/soldier/folklorist/botanist/etc/etc?”

It’s true. The guy who wrote the lyrics to “Onward Christian Soldiers” was also a major expert on werewolves. The guy who came up with the mathematics behind modern search engines was a preacher and did math for fun.

I suggested that it was TV. All the time we now spend on watching screens we would have spent being amateur paleontologists.

#1 son says it was probably just exaggeration. “When people write about you in the future,” he said, “they could say you were a teacher, a writer, a singer, a soapmaker, a knitter… It doesn’t mean you made equal contributions to all those things.”

I don’t know which theory is closer to the truth, but I like both of them.