I did not expect to enjoy German food. I’m not sure why. In fact, it was delicious.

Cake is important. I did not eat cake very frequently, but I had a few bites.

Meat and potatoes are the mainstays. The meat was always flavorful, and the potatoes were prepared in many ways, including this potato salad with apples, pickles, and corn.

Sausage is an important feature, usually present in some form at every meal.

There was also schnitzel, and roasts including ostrich meat.

My hosts made sure salad was always available, and I really enjoyed the flammkuchen shown in the picture — I had a bite. I am going to learn to make that, I think.

German breakfast was bread, cheese, sausage, fruit, skyr, and sometimes meusli. I think I will have that at home sometimes, too.