I am visiting my son in law’s parents in Germany. My visit has been an excellent mix of home visit and tourism. The trip was smooth after the spices I was carrying as a hostess gift were tested for explosives in the airport.

My hosts have a charming home with a beautiful garden. We bought a selection of buns at a bakery on the wayand ate them, along with cheese and charcuterie and fruit, on their deck.

My hostess made the labyrinth herself. She is an artist, working in beads but also knitting, building her own deck, creating art installations in her home, and otherwise enlivening the world around her.

We strolled into town for a coffee. Singen is an industrial town, but I found it very charming.

We drove to a neighborning town, th3e name of which I did not catch, for dinner. There we saw mediveal buildings with flaschenzugen — pulleys — used to pull things up through the windows.

We had dinner at a Persian restaurant, sitting outside. #2 Daughter and SIL and his father joined us.

The next day we went to Uberlingen, where we saw further medieval architecture and the lake.

My blood sugar has been very good in spite of my having eaten cake and bread both days I’ve been here. This may be because I am getting nearly 10,000 steps a day. I have to admit that there have been a number of times when I have felt that I could not walk any further, but I have done so anyway, and have been glad I did.

The message is clearly that I need to be more active at home and not coddle myself so much.