grizzly Last week on the HHP was kids’ week, and I have no little children now, only great big grown up sons and daughters, so it was a bit of a week off.

Apart, that is, from working on our hand made gifts.

I actually got some knitting done. Here you see three skeins of Grizzly Heather working toward being the back of #2 son’s sweater.

This week we’re doing the guest room and getting into seasonal preparations in earnest. I’ve ordered the sofa and #1 daughter and I have made some serious headway with ideas about painting the living room, so decluttering the living room should be high on the list. I’ll add some autumnal decorations to the mantel, the weird little half-wall at the front door, the kithcen table, and perhaps an occasional table or two somewhere.

I have some creepy fun Hallowe’en gear, but I think that this year I may go for the harvest/pumpkin thing and leave it through Thanksgiving.

I may take some time this afternoon to look at fall decorating ideas, actually. I tend to do the same thing each year, but perhaps it’s time to change.

In any case, here’s the list:

  • Begin planning holiday decorating.
  • Inventory holiday decorations.
  • Declutter before you decorate for autumn.
  • Decorate for autumn.
  • Schedule houseguest stays.
  • Make a guest room “pamper basket”.
  • Continue working on Christmas cards. Divide the Christmas card list into five sections. Complete one section this week.  Goal:  to be finished writing, signing and addressing cards by November 15.

I’ve skipped sending Christmas cards for the past year (possibly the past two) but this year I ordered the cards when the HHP said to, so I have them now when I have enough time to get them addresses.


This will mess up people’s Christmas lists. They will receive one from me and think, “Oh — I thought she had dropped us from her list, so I dropped her from mine. Then they will have to decide whether or not to add me back.

This will be their problem. I hope they will enjoy getting an actual physical Christmas card in the mail anyway.

We have a lot of peppers in the garden now, and some stalwart lettuce which will furnish salads this week. The lemon grass is practically rampant, as you can perhaps see in the the picture at right, behind the steamer chair where I intend to spend some of the afternoon.

Before that I have to complete the work I didn’t get done yesterday and go to church and do some of that autumn decorating.