We got home from vacation on Monday and have been gradually decorating since then. Some presents have been wrapped and the stockings have been hung. I’ll be off to get tags this morning (and potatoes, since I’m going to make beef stew). Mostly today will be for recharging and knitting. I have several more gifts I want to make, and time is definitely running out.

I’ve mostly completed this little sweater for the smallest of the Littles. I need to sew on a button and some trim.

I want to add something to the mantel, too. I’m not sure what. Hobby Lobby will certainly have tags and probably something to complete the look of the mantel.

I believe that I will then be through shopping. I usually don’t go into stores in December unless it’s for groceries or for fun — that is, shopping with my guests and picking up something for stockings. I like to have the shopping done early to limit stress.

Now it’s time for baking, singing, and revelry.

Oh, and furious knitting.