We’re having our third quarter meeting tomorrow; admittedly, this is late, but things have gotten a little bit out of hand.

This is evident from the picture of my desk.

Actually, they’re getting back in hand now– hence the meeting.

I wish I had made good notes at our Q2 meeting. I know that the Q3 meeting will involve some discussion of problems and things we need to achieve and so forth. That’s the reason for having quarterly meetings. I’ve worked in places where meetings are places to brag and congratulate one another, and I know that’s a waste of time from the point of view of the business. But I think we should take a few minutes tomorrow to celebrate what we’ve accomplished in Q3.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I wrote down how things were in June. I mean, I know things were good in terms of business growth and finances and stuff. But I think that I was working insane hours and worrying about getting all the work done. I think there was actually some fear about keeping up the quality and that I was quarreling with #1 daughter about the need to hire some help.

I think we were struggling with finding, hiring, and supervising people. Now we have an excellent team. We were working to get our tasks and systems sorted out clearly enough that we could delegate things. Now we have everything running smoothly. We had hardware and software needs and our workspaces were furnished in castoffs. Now we have everything we need.

There were probably many more things that we were struggling with and have now conquered.

With the new team we have new costs. Some of our folks have been with us long enough to have produced the ROI we need from them and some have not. #1 daughter and I have been subject to FHB (Family Hold Back, the custom that comes into play when it becomes clear that there’s not quite enough food at a dinner party), but the future looks bright. Our company social media, linkbuilding, etc. have suffered in the deluge of work and our traffic increases for he past quarter haven’t been stellar. I know our reports will be less glowing than they were at the Q2 meeting.

We just need to remember some of the good things that have happened that don’t show up on the reports.