I’m starting the Whole30 tomorrow. Today will involve pastry.

A Whole30 meal is a piece of protein the size of your palm on a plate, with the rest of the plate covered in vegetables. You can add fruit and a thumb’s worth of cooking fat, plus a handful of nuts or coconut if you’re in the mood, but it’s basically a piece of fish and a salad, which is my normal lunch, or a piece of chicken and some hot vegetables, which is my normal dinner. Breakfast is a mushroom omelet and half a grapefruit.

Coincidentally, right after I wrote about mourning for my waffles I got an email newsletter from the Whole30 people about breakfast. They say fish and salad makes a good breakfast, too, so get over it. No pancakes! (They kind of rant about pancakes in their book, actually).

What works best for me is a no-thinking breakfast and a no-thinking lunch, with a proper dinner… that is, some interestingly seasoned version of fish and salad. Whole30, in other words.

Whole30, at least for me, will be just like Ignite — a chance to reboot, to stop eating goodies as I have been since Thanksgiving, and get back to being happy with fish and salad.