I’m not sure whether this is more fortunate or more embarrassing, but it turns out that I have lots of Christmas gift projects for which I’ve bought the materials but not made the items. The Lucy hat, above, has been calling to me, so I bought enough of the recommended yarn to make several of those.

This brioche-knit Willow shawl, for which I bought gorgeous Kid Silk Haze, should be on my list.

Elephant toy and hat — and I think I have enough gray yarn for both, though I’ll need to check on that.

Boot toppers, for which I have lots of pattern and yarn options.

I have kits for more than one splendid duffel bag.

And I have kits for some scarves and hats as well. In fact, I think I could just make up all the kits I’ve bought for Christmas presents over the past few years and have gifts for everyone on my list.

So I was happy to buy the spend Madeline Tosh Vintage for the Lucy hat and be finished.

There are a couple of men on my list for whom I haven’t yet chosen a project. I will shop in my stash and peruse my men’s knitting books and come up with some awesome things. Then I will get started on gift knitting soon so I can finish all the projects. Or at least most.