I’m sick. It started in my head, with terrible congestion that kept me from breathing and moved into my chest and now I’m coughing, sneezing, sniffling, dripping, in pain, and having horrific dreams about butterfly dentists.


I’ve been working in this condition for three days, but now I have given up. I am watching Sherlock and I have knitting, my Kindle, and a sleeve of graham crackers. I have the bread machine making a loaf of whole wheat bread and my husband roasted a turkey yesterday, so I will have turkey sandwiches in addition to my graham crackers. Also applesauce. I expect to get up to make tea and for no other reason.

I would have said that I have been sleeping most of the time — certainly when I’m not working — but FitBit tells me I’ve been sleeping about 9 hours in every 24, so I’ve clearly been working more than I should, and reading more than I thought.

But I have given up now. I am free to suffer without the distraction of work.