I met another weight loss goal today. This is a major milestone. I now have one more goal, and I think I could reach it by the end of the year if I don’t get too distracted by life, work, the universe, and everything.

However, I have managed to meet a series of goals already this year, in spite of having quite a lot of life, work, and everything going on.

#1 son is coming to stay for 6 weeks on Friday. I bet he’ll be up for eating lean protein and salads all the time. He will be hiking and climbing and biking and such all the time, too, but I probably can’t keep up with him. He may inspire me to spend more time outdoors, though. He might work on the garden with me.

Yes, I am speculating on how my beloved son’s presence will affect my fitness goals.

It seems to me that being able to stay focused is the key to continued weight loss. Without focus, I fall back into old habits very easily. Being able to refocus after each crisis, vacation, stressful spell, or fall into temptation is what it takes.