I've written a lot about the emotional effects of color for a client. There's lots of data on the subject, but I was never able to to find an original source or any scientific support.

It's widely agreed upon, though — blue is calming, green is healthful, red is stimulating, yellow can increase creativity and irritability.

Goethe might have been the guy who made this stuff up.

Of orange ("red-yellow," he said, since perhaps the word "orange" was not yet invented) he said, "The active side is here in its highest energy, and it is not to be wondered at that impetuous, robust, uneducated men, should be especially pleased with this color. Among savage nations the inclination for it has been universally remarked and when children, left to themselves, begin to use tints, they never spare vermilion and minium."

"The eye experiences a distinctly grateful impression from this color," he says of green. "If the two elementary colors are mixed in perfect equality so that neither predominates, the eye and the mind repose on the result of this junction as upon a simple color. The beholder has neither the wish nor the power to imagine a state beyond it. Hence for rooms to live in constantly, the green color is most generally selected."

His book, Theory of Colors , was published in 1810. Basic principles of the physics of color were established by then, but Goethe completely ignored them. He was just writing down his feelings on colors, based on personal observations. He included things like the yellow badges Jews were forced to wear and the supposed effect of red flags on bulls.

He made the interesting point that color wan't just light. It was also our perception of light. Does color even exist without our brain's interpretation of the light?

This was quite fascinating to me. It's my February Chapter 1 KLL challenge, part of the section on color.

Color is very important to me in knitting. Today I received a set of vintage buttons I'm considering for Ketch. The color is very close to the darkest shade in the Lambspun Prism I'm using to knit Ketch. Overall, the effect is much lighter. Will the dark buttons be the perfect contrast, or will they drag down the lightness of the pink? Are the spiral curves a good fit for the lace?

Deep, important questions, right?

I'm working on the two sleeves together. I'm at 83 stitches; I'll increase to 100 over time and then begin the sleeve caps.