#1 daughter and I attended my DIL’s sister’s wedding yesterday. #1 son and DIL were in the wedding party, as were their children, but #1daughter and I sat in front of a trio of relatives of the bride.

They were talking about Donald Trump. He has a mouth, they conceded, and acts like a child in a schoolyard, but they were confident that God could take hold of him and make him a praying man and a great leader. How else could he have been elected, they reasoned, if it weren’t the hand of God?

They backed this up with prophecy. His announcement that he would run for office took place 70 years after the decision to drop the hydrogen bomb, and his announcement was like an H bomb. And his inauguration took place when he was 70 years, 7 days, and 70 minutes old.

Clearly, they concluded, God was going to take Trump and make him into a great leader. They then returned to discussing hair styles.

The wedding was lovely.