We went the zoo today, #1 daughter and the Littles and I. We had fun. A lot of the animals were napping or hanging out in camouflage situations so the Little couldn’t see them.

She had fun. She got to look at some animals and to pet a goat.

The littlest Little may or may not have seen any animals.

#1 daughter and I had lively conversations. I did a good bit of knitting, though I certainly still have just half a sweater. I’ll like the new sweater once I complete it at the end of March, but I have proven to myself that I cannot knit sweater in a month.

I have too much other stuff going on, perhaps.

I got home in time for dinner and knitted some more in the evening. Tomorrow there’s church and another committee meeting. I might have errands to do. Maybe I’ll bake something.