Last night I got eight hours of sleep, albeit with 21 wakings, for the first time all month. This probably explains my feeling of excitement about the day ahead. I am planning a PSD, though there will be work and housework involved as well.

I am also trying out the Superfoods, which are mostly weird things I’ve never eaten before. They reminded me of raisins or dried cranberries or something, so I tried them in oatmeal. This preparation released a musky flavor which really spoiled the taste of the oatmeal.

They’re supposed to be good in soups, but most of the recipes I’ve found either treat them like a raisin (trail mix, granola) or boil them up, suggesting that the cook must like that musky flavor. What’s more, recipes with goji berries tend to incorporate other weird foods I don’t have on hand, such as vegan sunflower butter or organic puffed millet. I really have enough weird food to work on right now without adding more.

I do like them in salads, and that might be plenty of value for me, since I eat a lot of salads.

Now why would you want to eat goji berries? They have more protein than your average fruit and lots of vitamin A. They have the same amount of fiber and vitamin C as you would expect from a fruit. And, if you believe everything you read, they promote weight loss and improve vision, too.


Those are the Boxy Socks up there, heel done and heading toward the foot.