I don’t really have bad days, but yesterday was a less good day. I had a disturbed night (possibly because I ate a zero sugar candy) and didn’t get enough sleep. I slept in. I took my walk and washday hair, but I didn’t reach my work targets.

I ate sweets and my BG was out of range last night, for obvious reasons.

On average, I’ve reached my goals, but yesterday I missed two out of three. I just wasn’t productive.

This is why I need to stick with my routines even though it is tempting to live in the moment. Not that insomnia and gastric disturbances are temptations. But it is a temptation to read once I’m awake, which is what I did. Sigh.

For those habits that I’m having trouble establishing, I’m making an effort to make them more fun. I got Anna Sui powder for review, but it requires a case. So I got the very fun retro case. I also bought some Magno shower gel. Will these things keep me from becoming one of those old people who don’t bother to stay clean and well groomed? We’ll see.

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I’m reading Cross Dressing by Bill Fitzhugh. One of the focuses of the book is the way we learnt consumerism. After millions of ad exposures, we end up believing in our hearts that buying things makes us happier. It doesn’t.

But having the right tools does make a difference to accomplishing things. And I also take pleasure in deliveries of yarn and books, at the very least.

My experiments with sweets and sugar substitutes? I think they’re over. I did take som whole grain bread. That will e a healthier direction for my baking experiments