It’s Good Friday. I should have baked hot cross buns and gone to church to sing and to contemplate the crucifixion of our Lord.

But La Bella didn’t pick me up. She called, I later saw, but I was not paying attention. I stopped working in time, had dinner, and tidied the living room. I vacuumed. I folded laundry. By then, it was too late and I still hadn’t been picked up.

I should step back a little, because I have been exhausted. We got back from Colorado since Sunday night, but the week has flown by. I’ve had meetings, analytics reports to do, a website to launch and another to build, plus blogging and customer care.

So here it is Friday night, my official night off. The air is the perfect temperature, there’s a lovely breeze, and the spring evening is sweet. I have a bunch of knitting projects and a clean living room


Here’s Lambspun Organic Cotton, which I’m knitting up into the Organic Cotton Baby Blanket, also from Lambspun. It’s not my usual sort of thing, actually, but I saw the finished object at Lambspun and it’s very nice. More about this project anon.


Another Lambspun yarn. I bought this a couple of years back, planning to use it for Amy Herzog’s Chimera cardigan. It knits up at 7 stitches to the inch, though, so that is not its destiny.

I am thinking about making a lace cardigan instead. The one in the magazine above requires 19 stitches to 4″ and the swatch will block out just right.

But I also have a pattern that calls for 7 stitches to the inch — the Katharine Hepburn sweater in Lace Style. Word on the street is that it’s tedious to knit. Almost everyone who talks about it on Ravelry says the same.


And there’s no waist shaping. All the lessons from Knit to Flatter for naught? It’s a pretty sweater, though. I’ll need to swatch up the pattern and see.

This Easter weekend is full of things that need to be done, celebration, and fun. This quiet evening is pleasant though… a good Friday, even if I didn’t do what I should.