After more than a decade as a Vine voice, I have been terminated. That’s what they called it. It was completely impersonal.

Well obviously it was. A machine chose me for the program, and a machine terminated me. I’m kind of sad about it, though.

They sent me thousands of dollars’ worth of cool things, of course. A grill, a treadmill, pricey goodies for all my family members. I got terminated right at the beginning of the Christmas toy giveaway season, too. I will probably miss getting random presents all the time.

But I was also developing an odd relationship with material goods. They just arrived for free all the time. Shopping meant going to the Vine page and looking at the list of goodies being offered to me.

Ah, well. It was nice while it lasted.

Someone left a good post in the forum:

Yes, sad to say I got the dreaded end of days “bye bye” email on my Vine participation.

If it’s of any interest to or consolation to others, I have been writing Vine reviews for about ten years. I have been in the Top 1,000 for many years, and was once ranked up around 500. I am today ranked at about 804. I had over 6,000 positives and an 87% positive response. And, yet, I was cut.

I am sure this all had to do with a combination of general decisions by Amazon about the program, ideas for how to keep it relevant to product suppliers, and perhaps also reviewer demographics. Perhaps they have decided to look for a younger more diverse or millennial tone in comments. Whatever the reason I am sure they developed some criteria for what was needed going forward and I just missed the cut. Happens every day in business here in the good old USA. For all I/we know they figured out some way to have an AI system in China write reviews that were judged more relevant and helpful.

In any case, it’s been fun, challenging, and an unexpected source of cool stuff and things that I probably would not have bought on my own. And I have to say that I took some pride in being able to say that I wrote reviews and got some cool things. But, like all of us, I was, in the end, just a drone for the greater glory of Amazon. We’re all replaceable, and I can’t say it was anything but fun and rewarding.


I will emulate this attitude. It was indeed fun and rewarding. I will get over my hurt pride, and it won’t hurt me to buy my own shampoo and kitchen gear. As for the four-figure coffee makers and other lavish gifts, I don’t really need them.

I’m glad I was able to help kit out the new baby, and I’ll enjoy choosing Christmas gifts myself this year, even if they won’t be as extravagant as they were last year.

Thanks and goodbye to Vine.