I have not been sleeping well lately, and I got up at 4:06 and got to work. At 8:30 #1 son and I went to meet the Tall Man. We stopped at the bank to set up my PIN so that I can become the last person in America to own a debit card, and then went to breakfast and had a serious talk about how to prepare a template for the strategy documents.

Then we went and bought #1 son a suit.


I know this may seem odd, given that I’ve been trying to be careful with my budget and all, but I have been meaning to do it ever since he graduated, just as I did for #2 son when he graduated. Things haven’t worked out right before, and I just went ahead and did it. A suit and a second jacket, and he looks very nice in them.

We had a drive-through lunch from Taco Bell and more work, and then a demo from Hubspot.

That was followed by a delivery. This is what an Amazon Vine review items delivery looks like:


It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


One of the packages was an enormous shipment of cupcake papers. Bisi helped check out the boxes.