grades I’ve turned in the grades for Comp I. I always find this sort of traumatic. For one thing, it involves spreadsheets. Much as I love data, I do not love spreadsheets. I am not detail oriented in that way, and I worry about making an error.

For another, I want everyone to pass.

All they have to do is come to class and do the work and they will pass. Seriously. That’s all it takes. It is therefore their responsibility and not mine if they don’t pass. Even so, it feels as though I’ve failed them when I can’t pass a student.

I’ve also been doing all the clients’ analytics. I want their websites to succeed, too. Everyone’s traffic rose this quarter, praise the Lord, so this quarter is not being traumatic. Still, sometimes the traffic falls. And sometimes it’s the client’s fault, too. But I can’t say firmly to them, “I told you to publish those blog posts regularly” or “You know you didn’t take our advice on the social media, right?”

I actually can’t say that to students, either. Sometimes I would like to say, “You’d write much better papers if you weren’t so lazy” or “I told you you had to come to class.” I can’t.

Either way, it’s a partnership. I try really hard to help all of them succeed. Making my success depend on their success may not be the most self-affirming thing I could do. But there it is. That’s my job.