Just one beautiful picture of the campus where #2 son graduated yesterday.

We got up at 4:00 and left around 5:30 to get there. We helped #2 son pack up and clean up his apartment attended the commencement ceremony, took #2 son to lunch, grabbed a cuppa while he checked out of his apartment, and went to a lovely party for a short time before driving back home.

It was a fun, exciting, tiring, satisfying day.

#2 son is going on to grad school in the fall.

#1 son is still in school, so it’s possible that this is not as definite a family milestone as it would otherwise have been, but it was still our youngest graduating from college. We’re the parents of grownups now, not of children.

It was touching to see not only our own kid graduate but also the kids we’ve fed and housed for tournaments, the guys our son talks about, the faces we know from his Facebook.

There was a good commencement speech. At one point, the speaker remarked that at his own commencement our nation was involved in foreign wars, striving for full rights for the oppressed, recovering from a divisive presidential race, and worrying about the environment. “Everything’s fine now,” he said to much laughter. “Just don’t screw it up.”

This blurry shot is the only picture I got of the ceremony, but it’s probably a perfect representation of how it felt.

We’ll have #2 son home for a couple of weeks before he heads off to his summer job.

Last graduations we went to were #2 daughter’s and #1 son’s high school graduation.