At a concert last night (a beautiful concert, by the way, in a new Performing Arts Center built into a very nice existing historic structure), I learned about the Florentine cathedral which went unfinished for many, many years because the original planners had figured that they’d come up with a plan once they reached that point where they needed to build the dome over an extremely large space. It takes a long time to build a cathedral, after all, and the craftsmen of Florence would surely be able to come up with a plan over the course of the next century or so.

In fact, they didn’t.

Filippo Brunelleschi, considered the first modern engineer by some, came up with a brand new idea and a new way of building, and he got the dome built. Only a few workers were killed in the process, and it didn’t fall in under its own weight. Success!

But I was thinking about the case in relation to life, and more specifically to our business. We have excellent growth in our business, and we have just been letting it grow and grow without being too specific about how we were going to make the grand dome at the top. Like the builders of the great cathedral in Florence, we figured we’d be able to get to it later.

So now we have a nice cathedral with, as the director last night put it, a hole in the middle letting rain and snow in during Mass.

It’s a nice business, but we need to make changes so that it doesn’t just keep growing upwards. We need to be bold about it.

A client at my last meeting of the day had been to a seminar with John Maxwell, and she kept saying, “Go ahead and do it!” We have a lot of things on our list that we’ve been told to do and that we know we should do and that we’re been planning to do. We’re so busy that we haven’t gone ahead and done these things, but perhaps we must take our new opportunity as our particular Filippo Brunelleschi and go ahead and build the dome.